If you have an emergency please dial 911.  
And then, if the situation permits, call Security at (808) 395-7422 to inform them.  They can render assistance until the arrival of Emergency personnel.

If you have a problem please call Security at (808) 395-7422.  
During business hours you can also contact the Management Office at (808) 395-7544.  Mahalo.  

The following are the most commonly asked questions regarding problems and emergencies.  If you cannot find the topic that you are looking for below, please feel free to contact us for additional information.  You may also be able to find your answer elsewhere in our web site.

What do I do about a water leak?   
What do I do about water leaking into my unit? You should call Security to report a water leak. We will investigate the leak to determine and document its source and the extent of related damages. If necessary, to prevent further damage, the Association will perform emergency clean up of water in units requiring it. Clean up and repair of damages to your unit is a matter between you and the owner or agent of the unit that caused the damage. If the leak is caused by a building common element, the Association will take care of repairs. Most water leaks are caused by something happening in an individual unit, such as a toilet overflowing or a valve failing. Water leaks are a problem in highrise buildings and are usually traced to an apartment, not the common elements. It is good practice to maintain your apartment’s plumbing in good working order. It is also very prudent to maintain your own insurance coverage for such matters since our building insurance will not normally cover you or your belongings.
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How do I shut off water to my unit? 
We cannot shut off water to an individual unit. Because of this many units will be affected if you require us to shut off your water. For your unit you should have individual hot and cold shut-off valves beneath all of your sinks; a separate valve for your ice-maker behind your refrigerator; and, a valve behind your toilet(s). To shut off the water to your bathtub and/or shower, you will need to remove the escutcheon plates (cover plates behind the hot and cold handles) and find the screw driver stops in the wall directly beneath where the hot and cold stems attach. If any of the above mentioned shut-off valves will not work, then you will need to call the Management Office and schedule a water shutdown to have these repaired.
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Who do I call when I'm locked out? 
At the Mauna Luan it is required under our governing documents that each owner/resident provide the Management Office with a copy of their apartment keys any time the locks are changed.  Because of this, if you are ever locked out of your apartment, help is not far away.  If you ever find that you are locked out of your apartment, you should contact our Security at the entrance guardhouse.  For them to assist, unless they have personal knowledge that you are the occupant owner, lessee, or registered guest of that apartment, you will need to provide information proving that you are a currently registered resident of that apartment to receive service.  Once that information is provided, the security officer at the guardhouse will contact the appropriate person to aid you in getting back into your apartment.  

There are a few items related to being locked out that you should be aware of:
  • There are times when Management or our designated Security personnel may not be available on the premises.  In that case, you would either need to wait until someone can get here or you would need to contact a locksmith for entry.
  • After regular office hours, there is a fee for this service.
  • Once the Management Office closes, the fee for lock out service is $10.00 up to 10:00 p.m., daily.
  • Between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m., the fee would be $20.00.  
  • To avoid this fee, many residents will leave a key with a trusted neighbor or friend in the building in the event they are locked out.  
  • Please do not become upset with our security when informed of this fee.
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The lights in my apartment keep flickering or dimming; is this a building problem?   
Typically, this is a problem with the individual circuit breakers or circuit breaker panel in the apartment itself.  As our buildings have aged we have seen more frequent problems such as this.  As the buss bar that the circuit breakers are attached to develops corrosion and the electric current arcs it will damage the buss bar.  Once this happens the contact for the breaker is reduced which will cause the lights and/or appliances to function at less than capacity.  Many times this problem can be taken care of by replacing the breakers in question.  In more extreme circumstances the breaker panel will need to be replaced by a licensed electrician.
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All of a sudden my mailbox lock will not open.  It is as if the lock is frozen. What is the problem?
If your mailbox lock was working the last time you picked up your mail, there is a good chance the lock just has some corrosion built up inside.  Spray a lubricant, such as WD40 or LPS, into the key hole and retry your key.  Most times this will solve the problem.  If it does not, the Management Office has replacement locks that can be installed at a cost of $15.00.
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