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The following information is provided to prospective and new owners to help answer questions that commonly arise regarding current regulations at the Mauna Luan.  If you do not find the information you were seeking please contact us for additional information.  You may also be able to find your answer elsewhere in our web site.   

New Owner Information

Governing Documents   
The Declaration of Condominium Property Regime, By-laws and House Rules are the regulations by which the Mauna Luan is governed and operated. Although we realize that there is a lot of information contained in these documents it is the responsibility of each potential owner to become familiar with the contents to determine if this is a community that is suited to your life-style.
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Due to limited freight elevator space we recommend that you contact the Management Office as soon as you have dates for moving of furniture so we can reserve space for you. All moving is done in the order of reservation so please try to have an alternate date when you call.
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Security Keys
All building key Fobs (security Fobs) are the property of the Association and must be checked out from the Management Office at the time of registration into the unit. Each key Fob requires a $25.00 refundable deposit at time of check-out. Only persons actually residing in the unit are permitted to have security key Fobs. If a unit is rented, only the tenants may have key Fobs. If a non-resident owner requires access to the buildings, our 24-hour security will provide access upon identification.
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Apartment Renovations
Many unit owners perform renovations on their units, some large and some small. Specific items to remember are:
  • All renovations in the living units must be reviewed by the Management Office prior to the beginning of work.
  • Load bearing wall, floor and ceiling slabs cannot be cut into to hide conduit or pipe. Non-load bearing walls within the units (gypsum board) can be manipulated as the owner sees fit.
  • Utilities (water, electric, sewer) that belong to the building and serve more than one unit cannot be moved without approval of the Association. Individual unit utilities can be re-routed within the unit as long as this work does not affect other units. Work that will require temporarily shutting down utilities servicing other units must be scheduled through the Management Office.
  • Any work that will generate any noise must be accomplished Monday thru Friday, between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. No noise-generating work is permitted outside of these hours.  
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Dogs are not permitted at the Mauna Luan. All other common, generally accepted household pets are allowed.
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Floor Coverings
The original floor covering in the living units was carpeting. Many owners have elected to replace the carpeting with wood or tile flooring which has generated a high number of noise related problems for the units beneath them. Effective April 25, 2007, if you elect to put down a type of flooring other than carpet, it is mandatory that sound insulation materials be installed between the concrete slab and new flooring to help prevent noise problems for your neighbors.  Certification of this rating is required for all new installations. Please contact the Management Office for current approved materials.
{NOTE:  Kitchens, bathrooms and entryway hallways, as originally designed, are exempt from this requirement.}
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Air Conditioning
The Mauna Luan does not have centrally air conditioned buildings. However, there are specific locations in the units where window units are permitted to be installed. Any air conditioner installed must not be visible from the exterior of the building or hallway. A wooden louvered grate must be installed in the window frames in these locations with the air conditioner installed behind it inside of the unit. These air conditioning units also must be able to evaporate any condensation generated by the unit. In no case can water from an air conditioner be allowed to drip outside. Please check with the Management Office for information on construction of the wooden grate and/or dimensions to make your own.
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Screen Doors
Many unit owners have installed security screen doors on their units to aid in ventilation. If you elect to install a screen door please check with the Management Office before purchase to see the types that are available as there are only a few specific designs approved for installation. Any unapproved designs will be required to be removed.
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Sewer Fees
The sewer fee for the individual units is not covered under the maintenance fees.  The sewer fees are billed separately from the Hawaii American Water Company, which is a private firm. Normal billing cycles are for a two-month period at a flat rate. If there are any questions regarding the sewer fee, the local manager for Hawaii American Water Company can be reached at (808) 394-1282 or (808) 394-1284.
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Insurance Certificates
Each year we have multiple requests for certificates of insurance from mortgage companies or other lenders, because our building master insurance policy has a one-year period, but is auto renewing.  On an informational note, if you receive a notice from your lender stating that your building insurance is or has expired and they may bind coverage at your cost, please fax or drop off a copy of that request and we will forward it to our insurance agent, Insurance Associates. They will then send the certificate to your lender.  If you need to contact them directly for any questions, you may reach John Hall at (808) 526-9273 or Sue Savio at (808) 526-9271.
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Realtor Document Packet
A complete condo document package is available for $85.00 and can be obtained from the Mauna Luan Management Office. 
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