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Mauna Luan owners can now access account information through this portal, and pay their maintenance fees online. 

To log in, enter your account number and password and click the blue arrow. If you have issues logging in to your account, or are seeing a cookie error, please contact us.  

For answers to frequently asked questions and instructions on how to make payments click here.  

Planning for Assessment and Condition of Apartment Windows
The Board of Directors is in the process of studying options for assessing the condition of the apartment windows at the Mauna Luan. We are excited about this project because new windows would be much more wind and rain resistant; and in addition, new windows will add to the value of the property and the individual units. When we know the current condition we can talk about it in more detail. We can say that if a replacement necessary we plan to seek the owners’ approval of a loan to pay for the project. Also, owners will have the option to pay their entire pro rata amount or to finance the cost through the Association’s loan.

The Board of Directors approved the newly updated house rules at their October 30, 2019 meeting.  Thy are currently being printed.  A current copy is available here under Building Documents.

PROOF OF HOMEOWNER'S INSURANCE.  Last year, all of our owners should have received a letter from our insurance agent, Insurance Associates, requesting that everyone provide them with a certificate of insurance or other proof of homeowner's insurance.  This is a valid request so please follow the instructions in that letter for submission.  This is to conform with the requirement that all Mauna Luan owners MUST have homeowner's insurance on their unit.  If you have any questions, please contact our Management Office.  Mahalo.

MINUTES OF 45TH ANNUAL OWNERS' MEETING.  A copy of the minutes of the Forty-Fifth Annual Owners' Meeting should be approved at the January 27, 2021 Board meeting.  Once approved, they will be available to any owner who requests a copy.  We will let you know when that is done.

NOTICE Regarding Payment of Maintenance Fees with Credit Card.  To all of our owners who use credit cards to pay maintenance fees through Mutual of Omaha Bank.  In October of 2019, Mutual of Omaha Bank revised their fee structure governing the use of credit cards to make online payments.  From then on, each transaction where a credit card is used will be charged a fee of 2.95% of the transaction amount (Ex:  a $1000 transaction would have a $29.50 fee added to it.)  To avoid this large fee you may want to either sign up for our ACH program (automatic withdrawal) or pay by check.  If anyone has any questions on this change, please contact the Management Office.  Mahalo.