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Mauna Luan owners can now access account information through this portal, and pay their maintenance fees online. 

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Research and Planning for Eventual Replacement of Apartment Windows
The Board of Directors is in the process of studying options for replacing all of the windows at the Mauna Luan. We are excited about this project because the new windows will be much more wind and rain resistant; and in addition, the new windows will add to the value of the property and the individual units. When we know the cost we can talk about it in more detail. We can say that we plan to seek the owners’ approval of a loan to pay for the project. Also, owners will have the option to pay their entire pro rata amount or to finance the cost through the Association’s loan.


A note to all of our owners that the minutes of the 43rd Annual Owners' Meeting were approved by the Board of Directors at their January 30, 2019 meeting.  If any owner would like a copy of these minutes, please contact the Management Office at 808-395-7544 or email to admin@maunaluan.com and we will send you a copy.  Mahalo!